APR 2017
Large law firms including ONTIER Are Engaging With Telecommuting

Large law firms including ONTIER Are Engaging With Telecommuting

An article released by Expansión addresses law firms’ flexibility in the workplace.

Expansión has released an article on law firms' engagement with flexibility in the workplace and telecommuting. According to Mercedes Serraller 'telecommuting is already having an impact in space and money saving as well as in efficiency and competition.' Moreover, a research on agile working in law firms carried out by Sonia de Zunzunegui, Cristina Serrano and Lucía Lorente showed that 72% of law firms make it possible for the employees to work from home on a regular basis, whereas 86% of the law firms allow occasional telecommuting. According to the consultancy firm JLL 'the increasingly growing lack of space in prime areas where firms want to maintain their offices turns telecommuting into a necessary measure.'

Telecommuting in ONTIER

ONTIER is featured on the article because of two specific examples of telecommuting: the cases of Carmen Fernández Vadillo and Paula Enríquez. Carmen was a Partner at ONTIER Spain, and she moved to Italy. There she kept working with the firm and made it possible for us to open ONTIER Italy, where now she is our Country Manager. Our Country Manager in UK Paula Enríquez moved to Germany for a while and after that she moved to London, where she still lives. She never stopped working with us.