JUNE 2017
ONTIER Students Presented their Report for the Law Hospital at Circus by Borja

ONTIER Students Presented their Report for the Law Hospital at Circus by Borja

The presentation event for ”General Contracting Conditions Report” started right on time with a conference by the Vice-Dean of the Law School of the University of Oviedo, Marcos Loredo Colunga.

Marcos Loredo Colunga talked about the Law Hospital and how important it is as an education tool for future legal professionals, as well as the social value it brings, while he thanked ONTIER for collaborating. Then Nicolás Bárcena, lawyer at ONTIER, started going over the main topics addressed in the report before the students performed their presentation, highlight moment of the session.

Throughout their presentation, the four students of the BA in Law took turns and went over their report on general contracting conditions, while they explained the current problems and challenges they face.

Later on, it was time for Juan Barthe, lawyer at ONTIER, to grade the project while he went over the highlights of the presentation using metaphors and keeping an educational approach highlighting the legal keys underpinning the discussed topic.

At the end a Q&A session was set for the attendees to participate, and the Dean of the Law School, José Mª Roca Martínez, praised the work carried out by the students and tutors and asked them to talk about how they felt during the experience. The event was closed by the Vice-Dean, who thanked ONTIER again for participating and called on the attendees to join future activities.

Juan Barthe and Nicolás Bárcena, lawyers at ONTIER heading the project, shared their experience and stated that all the parties worked together making it possible to meet the students' goal as well as bringing social value. It should also be noted that all the participants stated that they wanted to keep contributing to the Law Hospital for upcoming activities.