JUL 2017
Adolfo Menéndez joins ONTIER’s Public Law Department
Pedro Rodero, Managing Partner at ONTIER Spain, and Adolfo Menéndez, counsel at the Public Law Department.

Adolfo Menéndez joins ONTIER’s Public Law Department

Adolfo Menéndez joins ONTIER as Counsel at the Public Law Department. With a brilliant extensive background in Administrative Law, Menéndez has taken part in high-profile cases within several regulated sectors like the defence, transportation, infrastructures construction and funding, energy, pharmaceutical/healthcare and sports industries.

Adolfo Menéndez is also a first level expert taking part in the production of several regulations regarding the aforementioned industries. Moreover, he acted as a counsel for several Spanish companies. Besides, Adolfo Menéndez has an extensive academic background, including the promotion of the legal programmes of the IE Law School, which he did together with José María Cervelló Grande, his master and colleague. Regarding the public sector, Menéndez has acted as State Lawyer and Deputy Secretary to the Spanish Ministries of Defence and Development. Adolfo Menéndez is also author to a wide range of reference works regarding his areas of expertise.

ONTIER Spain Managing Partner Pedro Rodero explains that Adolfo's incorporation to ONTIER means a further step in incorporating first-level experts and professionals in our team. 'Adolfo Menéndez joining ONTIER means a further step in ONTIER's process of incorporating first-level legal professionals bringing added value to our firm. We choose first-level, renowned professionals and experts in their areas of practice' highlights Rodero.

That's why first-level professionals have been joining ONTIER the last few months, including Agustín Azparren, Magistrate on leave of absence and member of the General Counsel of the Judiciary, who joined ONTIER's Mediation area; Eduardo González Biedma, Labour Law Professor at the University of Seville and Counsel at the Constitutional Court, who joined ONTIER's Labour Law Department; and Manuel Díaz Corral, Public Tax Inspector and Auditor, who joined ONTIER's Tax Law Department.

About Adolfo Menéndez
Adolfo Menéndez (Gijón, 1958), BA in Law by the Autonomous University of Madrid, started his legal career as a State Lawyer to the Tax Office and before the Audience and Courts of Toledo (1984). Later on, he joined the legal consultancy of the Spanish Ministry of the Presidency (1986) and then became Chief Law Officer at the legal consultancy of the Spanish Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs (1987).

Between 1988 and 1995 he was part of the team promoting EY’s Tax&Legal Division. Later on he came back to the public sector to act as Deputy Secretary of Defence (1996-2000) and of Development (2000-2004). In 2004 he joined Spanish law firm Uría Menéndez, where he was a Partner and Partner Emeritus until 2016.

Member of the Madrid Bar Association and the Association of Spanish State Lawyers and taking part in the board of directors of both entities, he was also Founder and Vice-President of the Spanish Association of Aerospace Law, Member of the Spanish Aeronautical Society, Founding Partner of the Civil and Corporate Court of Arbitration, Member of the Arbitration Court of Football and Vice-President of the Spanish Association of Public Contracts Law.

Since 2013, he’s the President of the Spanish Association for Defence, Security and Space Technology Companies (TEDAE) and Counsel at INDRA. He’s also General Secretary at the Princesa de Asturias Foundation and the Spanish Association of Foundations, President of the Administrative Regulation Forum and Co-Head of the José María Cervelló Chair of the IE Law School.