OCT 2017
It's Back to School Time at Oviedo's Law Hospital

It's Back to School Time at Oviedo's Law Hospital


Last week the Asturian Press Club hosted the presentation of the new academic year starting at the Oviedo Law Hospital. The act was presented by Dean José María Roca, being the speakers Nicolás Bárcena, Lawyer at ONTIER, doctoral candidate and Deputy Director of the Law Hospital, together with Marcos Loredo, Lecturer of Litigation and Arbitration and Deputy Dean of the Law School, Alfonso Vallaure, from Garrigues and Julia Fernández, former student at the Law School with the tutorship of ONTIER, who was there to share her experience.

The speakers highlighted the important role the law hospital is playing in connecting the academic and the professional worlds, turning into a useful tool for students, lecturers, professionals and society in general.
ONTIER is a significant participant in the law hospital, since it has cooperated with the project from the very beginning. In the Law Hospital, students in the third and fourth years of their legal studies provide legal advice to insolvent and vulnerable individuals, always under the supervision of lecturers and lawyers.