FEB 2019
"A New Scenario for Energy Self-Consumption", an event organised by ONTIER Energy Law Department

"A New Scenario for Energy Self-Consumption", an event organised by ONTIER Energy Law Department


Self-consumption is about to change in Spain. On October 2018, the Royal Decree Law 15/2018 was approved, bringing a major change into the sector. In order to develop and regulate the administrative, technical and economic conditions of self-consumption, the Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition published the draft of a new Royal Decree aimed at regulating these aspects at the end of January.ONTIER's Energy Law Department, arranged a conference  aimed at answering any kind of questions about this draft. As experts in the field and as a team that has actively participated in the claims phase, they were able to share their insight on the main aspects of this Royal Decree and its consequences. 

During the presentation, which took place in the Auditorium of ONTIER Madrid, they addressed the current regulations, the changes introduced and the technical aspects of the topic through a case study. Lucia Gonzalez, first speaker, analysed the current situation of Royal Decree Law 15/2018 which, among other things, eliminates Spain's sun tax, simplifies administrative procedures, creates a telematic registry and free access, makes it possible to install more power than contracted and softens the penalty regime.

Then Pablo Enrile addressed the news brought by the draft. He highlighted the new concept of collective self-consumption, in which all participating consumers associated with the same generation facility must belong to the same modality of self-consumption. It is necessary to stay at least one year in the chosen modality of self-consumption, which can be either self-consumption without surpluses or self-consumption with surpluses. In self-consumption without surpluses, the owner and the owner of the generation facility can now be different natural or legal persons, with the owner assuming responsibility. Eloy Márquez was in charge of explaining the technical aspects of the draft, which was described as 'cumbersome' in this aspect, due to its lack of clarity.

Without forgetting that the regulations are still at the draft stage, the ONTIER team noted that there are fundamental aspects that can already be highlighted: these steps forward represent a very important boost to self-consumption for large energy consumers. Another fundamental aspect lies in collective self-consumption, which is in no way shared and entails technical and administrative problems especially for individuals and communities of owners.

The presentations were followed by a Q&A session in which the attendees actively participated, starting a conversation in which everyone shared their positive insight on the path that the system is taking. where the system is going.