Talent Pathways

Do you have the will? Are you creative? Do you love changes? Do you have an excellent academic background? Do you have the calling to be a lawyer? Do you want to live an international professional experience? Do you speak English? 

We also appraise other languages and postgraduate studies in prestigious institutions. Yes, you are in the correct place. Come and meet us, you will be part of a firm in which you can develop your potential and access to a long term career. The above, under a continued training in order to reach the highest standards, in which most important role is performed by you.

Selection Process

The selection process is ongoing, searching talent is not our limitation.

It basically consists of a series of interviews in which we look to get to know you better, as a professional and as a person, but in which we also want to show you what we have for you: a professional career full of opportunities in which you decide your limits.

it´s not enough to be an impeccable candidate with great talent. We expect real enthusiasm for the practice of Law, a creative and open personality and a profound mutual understanding with the interests of our Clients.

We are currently seaking for young talented lawyers who may be interested in joining our Firm, you may be able to do your proffesional practices, work and learn how an international law firm works. If you want to be part of our Firm, please send us your cover letter, Curriculum Vitae and a copy of your academic transcript, we will be expecting you at ontiermexico@ontier.net.

Join our team!